Staying Connected...

There is already a deep and profound wisdom within you. All you require is the desire to go deeper, a willingness to realize your truth, the one you already are. May these writings and insights inspire you to remember who you are.

"It's amazing I'll be pondering something, and then you'll post an article that feels as if it's speaking just to me." L.V. New York

“I am a better person having read these words, there is sooooo much here to learn from. It’s raw, OPEN, beautiful…amazing and full of life. I loved it! It leaves me feeling very hopeful, that all is well no matter what happens. It’s a very powerful piece.” Z.B. Los Angeles

"What an inspirational article you wrote today. I am in awe! Your story and inspiration comes at the perfect timing for me. I wanted to let you know how much of an impact your writing had on me today. Thank you :) A.R. Boston

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